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Learn & Get Employed - Tbilisi City hall program for Pandemic Victims

Tbilisi City Hall is launching a training and employment promotion program for pandemic victims, which was presented to the public today by Tbilisi Deputy Mayor Andria Basilaia.

The program provides vocational training and employment support to citizens who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

Interested persons will be able to register online from October 26 to November 10 at the website . The training will be held on the basis of state vocational colleges and will start on November 15. The duration of short-term training programs is 2 months.

Tbilisi City hall

Within the framework of the program, Gldani Vocational Training Center, Ikaros College, Mermis College and Spectrum College teach in more than 30 directions. Including construction, engineering, design, food, information technology, and transportation.

The program is open to at least 18-year-olds registered in Tbilisi and presenting a certificate of dismissal during a pandemic or a certificate of financial assistance issued by the state during the same period.

The website, in addition to providing information, will perform communication and coordination functions between the private sector, the municipality, vocational schools and citizens seeking employment. The Website has been designed & developed by Gegidze Creative Agency.

In addition to registration, citizens will receive information about the program on the website, learn about on-demand specialties and average pay. On the same website, the private sector will be able to fix the demand for staff in different specialties.

The municipality and vocational schools will have constantly updated information on the specialties required by the private sector, as well as a database of potential partner companies, which will help to plan priority training areas, as well as involve the private sector directly in the training process. It is planned to increase the scale of the program from 2021.


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