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Meet Our Full Stack Developer | Vakho Nakashidze

Meet Our Full Stack Developer | Vakho Nakashidze

It is time to meet our brilliant talent Vakho Nakashidze - a full-stack developer, who currently works on improving the product that reengineers financial market data management by creating a centralized marketplace for market data.

My favorite thing about working with the Gegidze team is my freedom in professional development and creative solutions. Gegidze helps me to focus on my job without being distracted by little details getting in my way, and it has supported me in connecting with a global team of professionals from around the world.

I became a developer because it’s challenging, fun, creative, and feels like some kind of game. My academic background is in mathematics (rather than programming), so I have been challenged to learn everything from scratch without any formal supervision or guidance.

My superpower, I believe, is that I never get tired of (learning, teaching, and talking about) programming.

We love and appreciate him because he is always enthusiastic about his job and never gets tired of our infinite questions about his hobby: Board games.


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