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Meet Our Copywriter | Ana Tskitishvili

Ana Tskitishvili

The biggest challenge in this job was that I've never experienced working at a creative agency. I was pretty nervous before we had our first meeting on the marketing team because I did not know if I could ever be a good team player. When the meeting was over, and I got to know Gegidze's staff and my team members, I realized that there was nothing scary about it, and a great adventure was waiting for me ahead.

My favorite thing about working with the Gegidze team is that I'm always free in my decisions, and I'm not under pressure. What matters is the joy we experience together when something comes out the way it should come out. And I think our team always fulfills its mission.

Literature and music are the things I love the most and can't live without. These two things play a crucial role in my life, so they really couldn't be counted only as hobbies.

The only advice I can give to beginners is to try everything. Experiences are the most important. As John Keats once wrote:

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.


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