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Meet Our Scrum Master | Ana Nikabadze

Ana Nikabadze

I would call my relationship with Gegidze "Love at first interview", because in the very first meeting, in just 30 minutes, I had an idea of ​​what is important for the company, how valuable employees are to them, how much attention they pay to personal skills of talents and that the working environment is full of respect.

Here every word you say is listened to, understood and everyone tries to take care of it as much as possible.

So, Gegidze is a completely positive experience in an innovative and modern environment. If Gegidze was a person, it would be a very cool, Generation Z character.

The biggest challenge of my work as a Scrum Master is being an observer and a participant of team life and environment at the same time. Always seeing a big picture and being able to zoom out.

And my favorite thing about this job is the concept of continuous growth and development.

No limits. You, as a team, always have room for improvement.

Besides the work, I like to do walking, hanging out with friends, and singing karaoke (you are blessed if you've never listened to me singing).

I am a person who is happy with small details, like someone remembering what I said years ago, watching the sunset, watching cute animal videos, hugs from friends.


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