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Hiring Process | Interview with our talent acquisition specialist Natia Verdzadze

Today we would like to talk about our hiring process and how it can make your search process more efficient.

We asked our talent acquisition specialist, Natia Verdzaze, to explain to us how we are searching and then hiring top talents.

talent acquisition specialist Natia Verdzadze

Below you can read her interview:

- How do you build a talent pipeline?

- To build an effective talent pipeline, it is important to have a perfect understanding of the vacancy and define recruitment requirements accordingly. This helps us to find the most suitable candidates for specific job openings.

- What sourcing techniques do you prefer?

- When it comes to sourcing, I always start with our talent pool, as we have one of the biggest databases of the most talented professionals from Georgia and not only. As in most cases, LinkedIn and FB groups are helpful as well, but we don’t stop there, we utilize our talent’s network and their referrals. We often attend job fairs and industry events…

- Have you used any ATS systems?

- We use ClickUp

- How important do you think networking is? What are your preferred networking methods?

- Networking is one of the most crucial parts of the recruitment process. Our talents often refer to us as their friends or professionals in the field.

- Walk me through the hiring process for the position of React.js Developer

- There are several steps that make our job openings successfully completed.

Firstly, we deeply analyze the requirements of the client, for instance, how many years of experience working with React.js is needed, seniority level, what are must-have and nice to have part of the vacancy, if it is necessary for talent to know other libraries or frameworks, etc. After defining requirements, we publish the vacancy in suitable channels and start our sourcing process using different methods and techniques. Once candidates are sourced and shortlisted, one of the most important parts - interviews come (which I love the most). After our soft skills interview, successful candidates are undergoing an assessment center and then present to the client. Before they meet the client, we once again conduct short meetings with them to give tips & tricks for a successful interview which helps and encourages candidates during the process. After the interview with the client, the final decision is made, and we plan an effective onboarding process for our future team members.

- What are you looking for while CV screening?

- First, how much talent does the experience given in the job description have, how structured is the resume, and does it have written down the main responsibilities and obligations that it had in previous jobs and positions

- How do you ensure a positive candidate experience?

- Nice interview, timely feedback, constant contact

- How do you prepare for interviews? What are the most important things to consider?

- We have our structure according to which the interview process is organized, preparation of basic and important questions

Hope this information will be useful for you and give you an idea of how we work. Step by step we will introduce you to our next steps.

For more questions please contact us or book a free consultation.

Let's start the problem-solving journey together!


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