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Opening a Bank account in Georgia

Take control of your Georgian finances from day one. Partner with us for bank account setup and comprehensive management.

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Opening a Bank account in Georgia

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For individuals


Required documents

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Passport Copy

Additional Info:

Other documents might be requested but not required

For Companies


Required documents

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Company Charter

checked icon

Company founders agreement

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Founders passport copies

Additional Info:

Other documents might be requested but not required

Add-On services

From €200/month

Required documents

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Personal tax management

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Accounting and bookkeeping

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Banking management

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Payroll Management

Additional Info:

Other documents might be requested but not required

Here’s what we do

We collect only the necessary documents from you and apply right away to the banking institution. We follow up with the bank regularly to make sure the account is set up asap.

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Account Management

Seamless opening, monitoring, and troubleshooting of all account types.

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Transaction Services

Secure transfers, currency exchange at optimal rates, bill payments, and more.

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Compliance Expertise

Stay up-to-date with regulations, filings, and reports to avoid penalties.

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Strategic Guidance

Maximize your returns within Georgia's low-tax environment with tailored banking advice.

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Zurab Aitsuradze

Zurab Aitsuradze

Finance & Tax Partner


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Gegidze is a great partner to work with! The team is always accommodating, responsive and sensitive to our and our talents' unique needs. They truly embrace collaboration and we are happy to have them on our entrepreneurial journey!

Marina Borukhovich

Marina Borukhovich


Flag of USA


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When working with Gegidze Agency, we experienced a highly professional setup, fast and reliable communication, and high-quality service. We can only recommend working with Gegidze Agency and looking forward to future corporations ourselves.

Kester Bischoff

Kester Bischoff


Flag of Germany


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it’s never just the product or the service, it’s the people behind it. We’ve had great communication between our internal teams and Gegidze. We’ve found that our cultures, values and ideas are often similar and that makes it easy to communicate in the best way.

Maria Eelmets

Maria Eelmets

Talent Acquisition Lead

Flag of Estonia


How it works


Free Consultation

We understand your unique needs and goals.


Document Collection

We receive the Power of Attorney and other necessary documents from you


We submit the application to the bank. Period 1 week



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Top Georgian Banks for Expats Full Guide.png

Discover the largest banks and the best banks in Georgia. Georgia's banking sector offers a compelling mix of convenience, security, and services tailored for international clients.

Guide to 1% Tax Rate for Individual Entrepreneur & Small Business Status in

Georgia isn't only attracting big investors anymore. In the past decade, it's become a launchpad for startups, freelancers...anyone with ambition and a good idea.

How to open a bank account remotely in Georgia.png

Georgia, a rising star in the world of business, is turning heads with its foreigner-friendly banking policies and overall welcoming business environment.


Can you help manage my banking remotely?


What are your fees for banking management?


How do you ensure compliance with Georgian banking regulations?


Who regulates banks in Georgia?


Who are the biggest players in the Georgian banking sector?


How many banks are there in Country of Georgia?


Contact us for a free consultation

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Opening a bank account in Georgia: your complete guide for foreigners

You're ready to invest in Georgia, start a business venture, or simply need a reliable way to manage your finances while living there.  A Georgian bank account is the answer!  This guide walks you through everything you need to know, including the best banks for foreigners, how to navigate the process, and even options for opening an account remotely.

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