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Skills to boost your career

Hello, I am back with some tips.

The world is changing and it changes the employment industry. So, what are companies looking for? What are the professional skills they need to meet goals?

I did some research and here it is, what skills you can learn:

Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

Blockchain technology is now a multi-billion-dollar industry. It is used in the creation and management of cryptocurrencies.

There will be many jobs available for blockchain-skilled people in 2022 as the world continues to develop blockchain technology.

Blockchain Career Paths:

  • Blockchain Developer

  • Blockchain Quality Engineer

  • Blockchain Solution Architect

  • Smart Contracts Engineer

Web Development

Web Development

A wide variety of industries are looking for web development skills, which can lead to several different careers. These roles include traditional positions such as back-end or front-end developers, cybersecurity specialists, and others.

Low-code programming is a fascinating niche that developers can use to create beautiful, functional websites using truly little or no code.

WordPress, a low-code platform that allows for the creation of professional websites with minimal effort, is a popular choice for web development.

Programming Career Paths:

  • Frontend Development

  • Low-Code Web Designer

  • Backend Development

  • Full-Stack Development

  • Cybersecurity

  • Database Management

Content Marketing (love of my life)

Content Marketing

Content marketing will continue to be in high demand if the latest brands emerge and old brands try to grow or maintain their market share.

Although the content market is highly competitive right now, it will continue to grow with new entrants.

Content Marketing Career Paths:

Big Data

Big Data

Big Data refers to the science of analyzing and processing enormous amounts of data to extract useful information that can be used to improve decision-making in businesses. Data analysts are highly sought after because they can make better decisions and save time.

Big Data Career Paths:

  • Data Architect

  • Data Engineer

  • Data Analyst

  • Database Manager

  • Data Scientist

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Web development is rapidly evolving in the fields of User Experience (UX), and User Interface (UI), both with the goal to ensure that visitors get the best possible experience from their visits to websites.

Organizations around the world need UX/UI designers to design and implement user-friendly products that increase their sales.

UX/UI Career Paths:

  • UX Strategist

  • Information Architect

  • UX Researcher

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

By 2022, the video will be the most viewed content on the internet. It is expected to account for 85% of all web traffic. Eighty-six percent of businesses also use video as a marketing tool. The untapped gold mine of video marketing offers so many opportunities for those with the right skills.

Video Marketing Career Paths:

  • Content Creator

  • Video Producer

  • Video Editor

  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist

What do you think? Have you thought about learning a new skill or starting a new career path?

If you are looking for something new and fresh, check out our open vacancies and do not hesitate to us anything!

Till we meet again!


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