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5 Reasons to Hire Developers from Georgia for Your Remote Team

5 Reasons to Hire Developers from Georgia for Your Remote Team

Hello, how are you?

In this blog, I have decided to talk about Georgian talents and how comfortable it is to have a remote team here.

First, let me tell you a little about Georgia ( Sakartvelo )

Georgia (Georgian: Sakartvelo; Georgia) is a representative democracy that was established as a unitary, parliamentary republic. This Eastern European country is located between Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. It also borders the magnificent Black Sea.

Georgia is home to sulfur baths and hot springs as well as majestic mountains, which are the highest in the Caucasus. This makes Georgia a popular destination for adventurous tourists. Georgia's history is rich with cathedrals, castles, and antiquities dating back to the medieval ages.

Georgia has a growing economy with a high income per capita. Georgia is a smart country to expand because of its skilled workforce.

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5 Reasons to Hire Developers from Georgia for Your Remote Team

Cost of Recruiting

The cost of recruiting Georgian talent is 50-75% lower than that of most European countries.

The average salary is 319 euros, while it is 2913 euros in Germany and 2664 in the UK. The top talent usually earns at least three times the average salary. However, it is still less than other European countries.

Georgian talent is increasingly looking to travel the world, learn foreign languages and improve their skills. We help them find the right job and recruit talent for companies that pay less than Europe. Both sides will be satisfied.

Onboarding Time

We can quickly help you get a Georgian employee started. We require only 20 working days for onboarding.

Our team will ensure that your employees are paid and onboarded as quickly as possible. We also make sure your business is compliant with local employment laws. After the employee has submitted all information to the Gegidze platform, the minimum onboarding time starts. Registration with local authorities is also a prerequisite for the onboarding timeline.

What makes Georgian talent so valuable for European companies?

Georgians are highly skilled and motivated. According to statistics, Georgia's youth literacy rate is 99.8%. This means almost everyone can get an education and invest time in their personal development. More than 90% of the population has completed at least secondary school. Georgia has more than 50 higher education institutions as well as over 150 language centers.

Georgia's workforce is therefore highly educated and up for new challenges. They can be very dedicated to boring tasks. They are able to provide top-quality assistance and seek out opportunities.

Employment Laws for Georgia

Georgia's labor laws are relatively flexible. The country is 21 on the global Labor Freedom Index. Here are some key points.

Working hours

Maximum working hours per week should not exceed forty hours. Different shifts can be defined by employers. There should be at most one 12-hour rest between each working period.


Overtime is allowed, but the employer must make more than the regular monthly payments agreed to in the contract.

Leaves and Holidays

Georgian employees have the right to take up to 24 days of paid and 15 days unpaid leave per year. There are also 15 national and religious holidays.

While the Georgian labor law is simpler than other countries, it can still be difficult to manage international legalities and taxation. Our solutions will help you grow your business while complying with the tax legislation, labor laws, and contracts.

Language barrier

Georgian is the official language of Georgia. It is also the oldest language in the world. The majority of adults speak fluently in Russian and English.

In conclusion

Employing people from Georgia is a great way to both hire talent and make money. While the cost of hiring people from Georgia is lower than in Europe, their workforce is more dedicated, motivated, and focused.

The entire process of recruitment takes between 2-4 weeks. We also make sure that contracts are compliant with international law and GDPR.

Finally, while you are focusing on your business goals, achieving your milestones, we can search for talent and provide the best candidates for your needs.


For more information, connect with our expert and book a consultation.


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